18650 Vape Mods

The 18650 Battery is the most commonly used battery for Vape Mods. 18650 batteries are rechargeable lithium batteries, available in a range of different capacities, AKA milliampere-hours (charge life). Before using 18650 batteries or any lithium battery it is important to understand the risks, safety basics, and best practices for use. For those new to vaping, HERE is a good Article covering basic Vaping battery safety.

Listed below are ALL Vape Mods posted on The Vape Trader that are compatible with 18650 batteries. If you would like to narrow your search, listed separately are: 18650 Regulated Box Mods, 18650 Unregulated Box Mods, or 18650 Mechanical Mods. Alternatively, if you are just looking for 18650 batteries, you can find all 18650 batteries listed for sale HERE.
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I have. A drag X with one coil and a charger. It is a bit scuffed up on the bottom and sides but other than that is in good condition. It works well. It is black all over.
austin49 (20 ) 100% +ve feedback
Homer, IN
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updated 2 months ago (346 views)
This single 18650 mod is constructed from maple by Fyne Mods in Scotland. It has a bottom-fire mechanical switch. Comes with padded pelican-style case. Ships to US lower 48 only. Shipping cost $12.00. Please contact with any questions or for more photos.
CloudyDaniels (60 ) 100% +ve feedback
Austin, TX
Used Item Price is Negotiable
posted 7 months ago (252 views)
This is an ultem Bolt mechanical squonker in great condition. It has the original silver contacts - the 510 has been upgraded to a Reset V2. Includes one of the original Dee Mods silicone squonk bottles and 2 Cappy replacement bottles. Great small 18650 squonker. These originally sold for around…
CloudyDaniels (60 ) 100% +ve feedback
Austin, TX
Used Item Price is Negotiable
updated 6 months ago (363 views)
Black single 18650 X2 caliber squonker mod no bottle cosmetically I rate a 8/10 due to light marks not engravings of evidence it has been in pockets.Since I’ve been out of vape game for awhile now I don’t know what items go for so please shoot me an offer until I’ve done my research,thanks in…
Santa Ana, CA
Used Item Price is Negotiable
posted 9 months ago (190 views)
(2) VooPoo Drag X new but open box Retro color in excellent condition Classic color in excellent condition Both are new just don’t have one cord or the coils, I had 3 total and never used these mods. You definitely will be happy with this. Shipping is additional $6
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This item retails for $66.00. You save 39.39%.
Crislip0807 (59 ) 100% +ve feedback
Akron, OH
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updated 3 months ago (449 views)
If your interested I can only be contacted at [email protected]
Dayton, OH
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updated 11 months ago (371 views)
vap3dbreed (100 ) 100% +ve feedback
Wilmington, MA
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updated 6 months ago (383 views)
$30.00 I Stick Pico
Pretty bright pink vape.
Pitt Meadows, British Columbia
Used Item Price is Negotiable
updated 6 months ago (466 views)
Mod is in great shape and tank is the best I've ever used. I just don't vape anymore.
Lufkin, TX
Used Item Price is Negotiable
posted 1 year ago (219 views)
I have 2 mods, 2 attys and a building kit. All of the items are used but complete in box (minus coils) …
Aston, PA
Used Item
posted 1 year ago (465 views)
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