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  • buynsell
    Sorry bro, I had to make a new account. iDK whats up with the site. Anyways,. Dude gave me a great deal if I promised to leave "honest" feedback. I actually bought from this seller several times on the old site. Dude is an vape trader OG. Excellent experience as always before. Grabbed a Yihi U-710. Paid less then Chinese sites and got it in 4 days. Realizing my Sakerz would not fit. Messaged vapedbreed again and purchased an SS falcon. Sick combo, especially for the price. tank came in 5 days, including the weekend. Highly recommended, highly trusted. dude takes cas app if you dont want to pay the 5% goods and services charge.Honest, trustworthy, ships hella fast. A+++++
    4 weeks ago
  • yambag
    Hey man, thanks for giving me a break on multiple devices. The U710 is suck a bomb little device. Love it. You the SX nano WAY under rated. I bought the original one yihi came out with a few years ago, and I didn't like it. So i was sketchy about this one. Bro the things like a robot. I HATE squonking.. I think its the dumbest thing ever to push on a bottle rather then just drip..but this thing is proper. and i got mine at 30, which is a little above your recommendation but to each their own my guy. My girl Loves the whats it called..The yihi pod...oh the MK with the gold and the etching. and thanks for throwing in 4 extra coils. I rock with you my man. I will be back for more. Thanks for that price drop. Cant beat it. you got plug on juice? my states banned.. lmk. Thanks again Mattie. Vape on
    5 days ago
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