Sell or Consign your Vape item/s directly to us for cash

The Vape Trader now offers 2 additional selling options (aside from our flagship DIY Classified advertising service) for our users located within the United States

  1. SELL directly to The Vape Trader (quick cash!)
  2. CONSIGN your Vape Equipment to The Vape Trader (and we will sell for you)

IMPORTANT: Before submitting the form below, in order to receive an offer for your Vape item/s, please carefully read our general requirements (below) and our Sell/Pawn/Consign FAQ page if you wish to further understand the difference between these two options and exactly how the process for each works. If you want to save yourself (and us) some time, please Google your product so you know what they are selling for online brand new. Our price quote for used (or opened) items will most likely be between 30% to 70% of the lowest prices you see it/them selling for new online, depending on demand and condition.

In order to qualify for either of these programs your Vape equipment must be:

  1. Authentic (no clones)
  2. In New, like New, or lightly used condition
  3. In working order
  4. Come with original packaging and documentation (if applicable)

PLEASE NOTE: If your vape equipment qualifies for one of our programs, and you accept our offer, you will only be paid for your items after the items are received, inspected, and the information provided is confirmed. Payment will be sent to you within 48 hours. For our consignment program, you will only be paid if and after they sell. If the items received and are not authentic or in the condition as described, we reserve the right to return them to you, without any shipping reimbursement.

If you have read the above information carefully and believe you qualify for our Direct Buying or Consignment programs then please complete the form below and we will respond with an offer (for each program selected) as soon as we are able to, along with directions on how to proceed if you choose to do so.

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