Sell/Pawn/Consign Frequently Asked Questions

Before completing our Sell/Pawn/Consign application form please make sure to review our Frequently Asked Questions for the program you wish to utilize. Simply CLICK on question for the answer! For our General site and Classified Advertising FAQ, please CLICK here

The Vape Trader direct buying program

The Vape Trader now offers a direct buying program (for users from the United States only) where we will offer to buy New and Lightly used Authentic Vape equipment directly from users who complete this application form to sell their items to us. We decided to offer this program (as well as our pawn loan and consignment programs) after receiving many requests to offer such programs, in addition to our DIY classified Advertising service. This program is ideal for anyone looking to sell their Vape items ASAP and does not want to pawn, consign their items, or try to sell their items themselves with our Classified advertising service.

If you are interested in Selling your Vape items to us you must first complete our sell/pawn/consign form to provide us information on the items you are looking to sell. After that (typically within 24 hours) we will respond (via email) with whether or not we are interested in your items, and if so how much we are willing to pay. If you decide to accept our offer then you simply need to mail your items to the address we provide and email us the tracking number (so we know they have been shipped and can track them, in case any shipping issues arise). It is up to you whether or not you want to insure your items or not. Once we receive the items, we will inspect them and make sure everything works and is in the condition described (typically within 24 hours of receipt). After condition and authenticity is confirmed we will pay the amount agreed upon via the payment method you selected, plus up to $5.00 in shipping reimbursement. If the item/s shipped are not in working condition or in the condition as described we will return the item/s to you. We typically make payment within 48 hours after receiving the items.

For used equipment we typically pay 30-60% of new retail value depending on the condition, brand, and current demand for Vape equipment you are trying to sell. For new (in box, never used) Vape items we typically offer 10-20% below wholesale value. If we do not have access to wholesale pricing for the new Vape equipment you want to sell then we typically offer 60-70% of new retail value. You can get a good idea of average retail value by visiting and comparing prices at reputable online Vape shops like,, or Please keep in mind that we we have access to wholesale prices ourselves, which is why we will not pay more than wholesale. Also please do not be offended by our offers. The price provided is the highest price we can offer and still turn a small profit by reselling your items. Each item bought and sold via our direct buying program takes requires a significant amount of time to resale, in hopes of making a small profit – which is not guaranteed.

We encourage all users to try to sell their Vape items themselves in order to get the most value out of them. You can get started listing your item/s via our Classified advertising service HERE. Our direct buying program is for users that do not have the time or do not want to try to sell themselves for whatever reason. This program provides an easy solution for Vape equipment owners to sell their vape item/s very quickly and with little effort. It is also for dealers or manufactures that need to liquidate inventory (for whatever reasons) and are willing to do so at below cost. For those that are not necessarily in need of quick cash and would just like us to sell your items on your behalf please consider our Vape Consignment Program. For those that are in need some quick cash but still want to have the opportunity to ‘buy back’ their Vape items, please consider our Vape Pawn Loan Program.

You will get paid within 48 hours after we have received your items (if you selected Paypal or other electronic payment delivery method). If you selected check or money order as your payment method, these will be mailed to you via standard USPS mail, so please expect standard shipping times for these payment methods.

When completing our sell/pawn/consign form you are given the option to choose your preferred payment method (Paypal, Google Wallet, Check, or Money Order). Please select which payment method you prefer on this form and make sure to input the correct payment information as far as who and where payment is to be sent to (i.e. Name, Paypal email address, and shipping address). Please note that all Paypal payments will be made via the ‘Goods and Services’ selection and that you are responsible for Paypal’s payment processing fees. Additionally, for Money Orders, a $2.00 payment processing fee will be deducted from payment.

You pay for the initial shipping cost for items you want to sell to us. However, we will reimburse your shipping cost (up to $5.00) when we pay you for your items. If the items shipped are not Authentic, in the condition as described, or in working order we will return them to you, but there will be no reimbursement for you shipping costs.

Typically, we will attempt to resell them on our online platform, at our local retail shop, or use them for promotion on our Giveaways page.

The only real risks involved when selling to The Vape Trader is if items get lost or damaged during shipment and you did not purchase shipping insurance OR the items shipped are not Authentic, as described or in working order (in which case, the items would be returned to you and you would be out the shipping cost).

The above questions and answers outline the Terms of using The Vape Trader direct buying program. Additionally, any electronic communication and acknowledgement of such, between you and us shall serve as a legally binding written agreement. Please read our Terms of Use page if you are interested in the legal verbiage. The Terms for this program are subject to change, if necessary and as permitted.
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