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Are you a Vape Vendor or Manufacturer? Would you like to Sponsor a Giveaway on The Vape Trader to promote your Brand, Social Media pages, Website, and/or other calls to action?

If so, please complete this application below to get started! We think you will be extremely happy with the results! Take a look at our current Giveaway/s to get an idea how it works.

Our Giveaway sponsorship rules are simple. Before applying please make sure you agree to these Terms:

  1. All Sponsored Giveaway applicants must complete the form below (per contest) and the contest must be approved by a site administrator.
  2. Minimum of 1 prize (winner) per contest and a maximum of 5 prizes (winners) per contest.
  3. Each contest prize must have a minimum retail value of $50.00.
  4. eJuice Giveaways must total a minimum of 120ml of eJuice and ONLY qualify for week long contest duration.
  5. All contest prizes must be shipped to the The Vape Trader prior to contest start date/activation. The Vape Trader will be be responsible for shipping prizes to the contest winners.
  6. Only authentic Vape item/s may be used for Giveaway contests on The Vape Trader. We do not permit running Giveaways for cloned items.
  7. Vendors are limited to 1 contest ‘Sponsorship’ per month on The Vape Trader.

*Please note, due to FDA regulations we can no longer offer direct product giveaways for “Tobacco” related products. However, we can still run giveaways for gift cards or offer giveaways for aromatherapy Vaping products. Please keep this in mind when completing the form below.

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