Kennedy Ruby 21
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Cuba, MO 65453
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I have one Yocan Evolve Plus vaporizer in blue for wax/dabs. Brand new. They were bought by mistake and the store wouldn't take them back. I got the different Evolve pens mixed up and was supposed to get the Evolve-D which is for dry herb.
Tullahoma, TN
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Selling my Dynatech heater. Nothing wrong with it. Used it a few times. It works great, I'm just retiring my Dynavap.
Houston, TX
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Brand new impeccable condition !
Ocala, FL
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$130.00 Geekvape z50
Geekvape z50 without coils, blotto mini rta, 2 packs of bacon bits cotton, 6 in 1 pack of coils, bad drip labs don’t care bear 6mg
Adamsville , TN
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Hits like a monstor just looking for a nookie v3 or something similar
Elkton, KY
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