Vandy vape Kylin M Aio
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Herndon , KY 42236
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Looking for something a little smaller. I literally just bought it. Just too big for me.
Columbus, OH
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updated 2 years ago (350 views)
Used but in excellent condition. The ceramic bowl has a brown mark in the middle, but that's normal from use. The rubber cap for the bowl has snapped off, but that doesn't have an impact on use (and you can buy new chambers and caps from the Puffco website). Spots on the glass are just from where…
Los Angeles, CA
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posted 1 year ago (1844 views)
$130.00 BIGFOOT 200W
Brand new in box, comes with every
London, Ontario
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posted 1 year ago (623 views)
has a couple scratches on the top from it getting stuck when i had it sitting in personal collection. I am looking to sell.
Vacherie, LA
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posted 2 years ago (772 views)
All brand new, just looking to help a friend who owns a vape shop sell more product. If you buy in bulk I can knock some bucks off ???? …
Houston, TX
New Item Price is Negotiable
posted 2 years ago (641 views)
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