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$20.00 NFix Pen vape
I have the box and all the accessories that come with it. Looking for someone who will use it.
Lindsay, Ontario
Used Item Price is Negotiable
posted 1 year ago (257 views)
Just opened, never used it. After I opened it, I felt I lost the charging cable that included. + there is verification QR code included.
Edmonton, Alberta
New Item
posted 1 year ago (555 views)
Aegis black and blue 2 batteries mod good condition works well I just quit a few months ago and don’t need to keep it laying around the house someone else can get use out of it hopefully
Wills Point, TX
Used Item Price is Negotiable
posted 1 year ago (569 views)
I was given it for Christmas and after one hit realized it's not for me. Silver blue. I have juice too if you're interested
Holden, LA
Used Item Price is Negotiable
posted 1 year ago (370 views)
$100.00 Pax 3 vaporizer
Excellent little tool, it's been used a handful of times, and is black. all that comes here is the dry herb tank and the vaporizer itself. found the charger! and the box! wooo! still leaving the price at where it is. all concentrate containers haven't been used
Burleson, TX
Used Item Price is Negotiable
updated 1 year ago (334 views)
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