$75.00 - Memphis, TN

New in shrink wrap box. Anubuis mod and Atty set.
Gold plated brass tube with Stainless Steel top piece and dual adjustable 510 connections pin. Stainless Steel locking ring with gold plated, Anubis head engraving, spring loaded, push button and copper connection pin.
3 post setup. Copper adjustable connection pin and copper center post. Milled negative post with deep well and nice size coil holes. Gold plated vent ring with engraved ax. Stainless Steel top cap with adjustable air flow control. Gold plated tip with see through glass.
Pre-built coils, extra screws, extra Kenthal wire. extra wick. extra Orings.
Note: The accessories are what was found in the one box that was opened to take pictures for this add. We are aware of the inconsistency of the spare parts that is provided therefore we do not guaranty the accuracy of the accessories. All sales are AS IS New in Box

by alfonzonagy - Want to Sell (WTS) Vape Device/Setup Ads - posted 11 months ago (470 views)
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