Authentic Hades #276!
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Los Angeles, CA
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AV M1P5 anodized aluminum with VP deck. Comes with matching captain cloud cap. Used for about 1 month condition 9/10. Hits nice I just need to slim down my collection.
Whiteland, IN
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posted 9 months ago (353 views)
New digital electronic electronic cigarrete. Smok Novo x black Cobra. Small enough to fit in your front pocket. I can't return it to the cig store Paid $40 yesterday, will accept $25.
Sutter, CA
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posted 7 months ago (144 views)
Richmond, VA
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updated 6 months ago (376 views)
2 1 blue and 1 green un used never been smoked out of dyna vapes 2021 edition comes with heating coil conduction new dyna vape cap and is separated easily to clean lighter not included but needed 5" long 1/2 " wide
Thornbeezy (20 ) 100% +ve feedback
Fort Thomas, KY
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posted 1 month ago (77 views)
Used like new. Does not have charger! Org price was $2k
Brazil, IN
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posted 3 weeks ago (99 views)
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