Posting Rules & Regulations

It is FREE to place your vaping ads in the WTS(Want to Sell), WTB (Want to Buy) and WTT (Want to Trade) sections of the site. This feature will be free forever.

  1. You must be 18 years of age or older and/or of legal age to use tobacco related products in the locality you reside. For California and Hawaii residents you must be 21 years or older to use our site and post ads.
  2. You must confirm that anyone you are selling/trading with is also of 18 or older and/or of legal age to use tobacco related products in the locality they reside in (21+ in California and Hawaii). Selling or trading with minors is illegal in many Countries, including federally in the US (beginning August 10th 2016).
  3. You may not list items for sale in our ‘Want to trade’ categories. Want to Trade categories are for items for TRADE only. However, you can include items you might consider trading for in ‘Want to Sell’ ads.
  4. Be honest at all times. This means always giving the correct information. If you are selling multiple brand new (never used items) on our site you must select “For Sale by Dealer.” If the item is a clone, you must mark it as a clone. If you are not sure please use the “unsure” option.
  5. Flipping items is allowed but it can NOT be for more than 30% of the MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price).
  6. One set-up per listing, otherwise must be posted in the Lots/Collections category! What does this mean? You are allowed to list a complete set-up in our Device categories (such as one Mod device, one tank, drip tip, battery, eJuice, ect.), but you can NOT list multiple set-ups/Mods within one listing. You must create separate listings per set-up/Mod OR list multiple mods and tank devices as a package in our Lots/Collections category with a total price for everything
  7. No cross category or duplicate postings. You may only post each ad one time in one category, so make sure you select the correct category before posting. If your ad has expired unsold, you may relist it again. If you wish to bump the ad to the top our listings you may purchase an ad bump package (available from your dashboard).
  8. Must provide a complete description of at least 15 words
  9. Must include at least one photo in your listing. Most everyone has acess to a smart phone or a digital camera, so there is no excuse for not including photos. Nobody is going to make an offer on a item they can’t see
  10. You must provide actual asking price when posting a ‘Want to Sell’ ad. If you would like people to make offers, check the ‘make offer’ option in your ad listing, along with your asking price. Often users try to put $1.00 for asking price – if you do this your ad will be unpublished
  11. No pre-sales or pre-orders. You must have the item in hand in order to sell on our site
  12. No promoting other websites, eBay accounts, blogs, or any social networking sites (aside from the Social Media Profile link required in your listing)
  13. You may not change an existing ad to advertise a different item then the one originally listed. If you original item posted sold or is no longer available, you can mark it as sold or unpublished it from your dashboard. Any additional items you wish to post must be posted as a new ad.

Additional Amended Rules and Regulations

We reserve the right to modify or remove any ads in violation of our terms and guidelines in order to prevent abuse and keep the content appropriate for our general audience. This includes people of all ages (18+ - 100+), races, religions, and nationalities. Therefore, all ads that are in violation of our guidelines are subject to editing or removal and without prior notice.

By posting an ad on our site, you further agree to the following additional guidelines:

  1. No foul or otherwise inappropriate language will be tolerated. Ads in violation of this rule are subject to being removed immediately and without warning. If it was a paid ad, no refund will be issued
  2. No racist, hateful, or otherwise offensive comments will be tolerated.
  3. No ads promoting activities that are illegal under the current federal laws of United States and the local laws your City, County, and State/Province.
  4. Any ad that appears to be merely a test posting, a joke, or otherwise insincere is subject to removal.
  5. We reserve the ultimate discretion as to which ads, if any, are in violation of these guidelines and which ads to publish or not publish.
Infraction of any of these Rules and Regulations will get your listing pulled or prevent your listing from being approved. A second infraction will cause us to ban you from the use of our site and social media outlets.

By Posting an Ad on our site, you agree to the following statement:

I agree that I will be solely responsible for the content of any classified ads that I post on this website. I will not hold the owner of this website responsible for any losses or damages to myself or to others that may result directly or indirectly from any ads that I post.
Thank you again for your cooperation! Please feel free to Contact Us us if you have any questions regarding our Posting Rules or read our Terms of Use agreement, which covers all usage terms of the site.
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