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Here at TheVapeTrader we strongly believe in the health benefits of Vaping vs Smoking. We also believe as a community (Vapers and Vape business owners) that it is very important to stay educated, proactive, and united during this exciting and uncertain time of growth and regulation. As such we have created this page to list and share all of the valuable Vaping and industry resources that we have found over the years of being involved in the Industry. Please share if you find these resources useful!


Vaping Associations/Organizations:

CASAA (Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association)
AVA (American Vaping Association)
NVA (National Vape Association)
SFATA (Smoke-Free Alternative Trading Association)
CVA (Canadian Vaping Association)
AEMSA (American E-liquid Manufacturing Standards Association)
VTA (Vapor Technology Association)
INNCO (International Network of Nicotine Consumer Organizations)
TVECA (Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association)
NNA (New Nicotine Alliance)
Not Blowing Smoke



A Billion Lives
Beyond the Cloud
Thank you for Vaping


Vaping Discussion Forums:

Vaping Underground
E-Cigarette Forum
The Vaping Forum
Planet of The Vapes


Vaping News/Blogs:

VAPE Magazine
VAPE News Magazine


Our Favorite Online Vape Equipment Retailers

Mount Baker Vapor


Our Favorite eJuice Companies

Glas Vapor
The Sauce LA
Zample Box
Aspen Valley Vapes

If you have or know of a Vaping resource that should be on this page please contact us and let us know. If we believe it to be a valuable resource we will be happy to list it here. No vendors or info-graphic link requests please!