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Bluebird E-Liquid line Review

    Product Reviews    April 27, 2018

BlueBird Ejuice line ReviewThis week our product review manager Chris tries out and presents us with his BlueBird e-liquid line review. Bluebird is a gourmet eJuice maker based out of New Haven, Connecticut. Flavors in their line include: Luckybird (marshmallow cereal milk), Yellow Bird (Lemon cheesecake puffed corn), RedBird (strawberry cheesecake frosted cereal), and Bluebird (blueberry cheesecake).

Bombshell ejuice by Vape Craft Inc Review

    Product Reviews    April 4, 2018

Bombshell Ejuice line ReviewThis week our product review manager Chris tries out and presents us with his Bombshell ejuice line review. Bombshell is a premium ejuice line produced by Vape Craft Inc. featuring 5 60 ml flavors. Vape Craft Inc. is a eJuice Manufacturer and retailer out of Southern California, founded in 2013. Flavors in their new Bombshell line include: Audrey (lemon bar), Marilyn (strawberry marshmallow), Sophia (raspberry), Lucille (pineapple coconut) and Elizabeth (creamy cinnamon).

Loaded Apple Fritter and Melon Milkshake eJuice double whammy review!

    Product Reviews    March 28, 2018

Loaded Apple Fritter and Melon Milkshape Ejuice ReviewThis week our product review manager Chris reviews 2 of the newest flavors from the loaded eJuice line – Apple fritter and Melon milkshake. Loaded eJuice is a Ruthless manufacturing brand that has quickly become popular and now features 12 flavors. All of their ejuices have a base of 70% VG (vegetable glycerin) and 30% PG (propylene glycol) and are available exclusively in 120ml sizes and in 0/3/6/mg strengths. The Apple fritter ejuice profile is true to it’s name with a delicious cinnamon apple flavor and the Melon milkshake combines both fresh melon slices and classic diner milkshake flavors. These eJuices, as well as all eJuices from the Loaded line can be purchased at eJuicePlug for $19.99.

Ruthless Nic Salt eJuice line Review

    Product Reviews    March 9, 2018

Ruthless Nic Salt Ejuice ReviewThis week our product review manager Chris tries out and presents us with his Ruthless Vapor Nicotine Salt eJuice line review. Ruthless Vapor is a popular e-juice manufacturing company out of So Cal specializing in sweet candy flavors and has been in business since 2011. Their new Ruthless Nic Salt line features 5 flavors: Swamp Thang, Grape Dank, EZ Duz It and 2 ‘On Ice’ menthol flavors – Grape Dank on Ice and EZ Duz It on Ice. Individual flavors from the Ruthless Nic Salt line can be purchased in a 30, 60, and 120ml sizes from EJuice Plug starting @ $4.99. The line available in 0/3/6/35mg nicontine strengths.

Glas Vapor ‘Badge Collection’ eJuice line review

    Product Reviews    March 1, 2018

Glas Vapor Badge Collection ejuice reviewThis week our product review manager Chris tries out and presents us with his Glas Vapor Badge Collection eJuice line review. The Badge Collection features 6 flavors: Guave, Glazed (donut), Milk, PBLS (fruit cereal), Pound Cake and OFT (Watermelon/Taffy). Individual flavors from the Badge Collection line can be purchased in a 15/30/100ml sizes directly from Glas Vapor starting @ $9.99. All of their eJuice is available in 0/3/6mg strengths and there are couple still available in 12mg.

Glas Vapor ‘Basix Series’ eJuice review featuring the new Caribbean Punch

    Product Reviews    February 13, 2018

Glas Vapor Basix Series ejuice reviewThis week our product review manager Chris tries out and presents us with his Glas Vapor Basix Series eJuice Review. The Basix series features 5 flavors: Sugar Cookie, Fizzy Lemonade, Blueberry Cake, Strawberry Gummy, and Butterscotch Reserve. Also fresh to market and soon to be included in the Basix series is their new ‘Caribbean Punch’ flavor (launching Feb 14th 2018), which we were excited to to get in time to include in this review. Individual flavors from the Basix Series line can be purchased in a 60ml size directly from Glas Vapor for $16.95 or you can purchase the entire collection, now including ‘Caribbean Punch’ for $79.95. All of their eJuice is available in 0/3/6mg strengths.

Black Note eJuice Review (Prelude)

    Product Reviews    January 8, 2018

Black Note Ejuice ReviewOver the last couple weeks, our product review manager Chris spent some time testing out the Black Note Prelude ejuice. Black Note sent us a very nice sample pack of their most popular eJuice flavors last month and we were very pleasantly surprised with their ‘Prelude’ flavor and are excited to test out the other flavors we received. We appreciate the fact that Black Note is a responsible and transparent eJuice manufacturer that publishes their Lab reports. They also offer free shipping and a 90 day satisfaction or money back guarantee. If you have tried Black Note yourself please comment and let us know what you think of the eJuice! If you have not, head over to the Black Note website to snag a sample pack or give one of their many Tobacco flavors a try yourself. FIND OUT MORE…

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