Smok TFV12 Review

SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King Review

It would very likely be difficult to find a Vaper who has not tried or or heard of the Smok TFV series sub-ohm tank. The TFV is SmokTech’s best-selling tank series, designed specifically for a heavy and dense vape. A few years ago SmokTech introduced the first of the series – the TFV4 sub-ohm tank. Followed up by extensive research, the Smoktech development team next released the Smok TFV8 line. The TFV8 series includes the Baby Beast, Big Baby beast, and the Cloud beast. However, this progression was still not enough for some cloud chasers, which motivated Smok to produce a even larger and more powerful version of TFV8 – the TFV12. In this article,  I am examining the SMOK TFV12 and sharing my review  of the product after 2 weeks of use.


  • TFV12 Cloud Beast King and Cig Tank (1x)
  • 12ohm V12-T12 Duodecuple coil atomizer head (pre-installed) (1x)
  • 15ohm V12-X4 Quadruple Coil Spray Head (1x)
  • 15ohm V12-Q4 Quadruple Coil Spray Head (1x)
  • Replacement glass tubes (1x)
  • Smoke Vapor band (1x)
  • Sealing pad (1x)
  • Additional rings (5x)
  • Operating instructions (1x)


  • E-liquid volume: 6 ml
  • Dimensions: 27 x 70 mm (diameter X height)
  • Basic diameter: 25mm
  • Overall diameter 28mm
  • Weight: 91 g
  • Material: stainless steel and Pyrex glass
  • Drop point: 510 Tapped bore
  • RBA: Yes


  • Top filling function
  • New design
  • SMOK Turbo Motor V12 spray heads provide maximum vapor
  • A larger heating air hose that provides higher airflow efficiency
  • Pyrex materials of food quality and high temperature resistant
  • Stainless steel construction


The first thing to notice when unpacking the kit Smok TFV12 is the proper packaging. Smok takes care of how products are displayed and reach their end users. The stylish Black Box with the SmokTech Fire logo complements the beauty the tank.

The first Vape with the SMOK TFV12 is a fascinating experience. The largest and best version of SMOK TFV series fulfills its expectations. This powerful sub-ohm tank with its twelve-coil design provides high performance and is one of the best sub-ohm tank technologies currently available. The TFV12 surpasses TFV8 in technology, design and performance. It is easy to handle, holds a sufficient amount of e-liquid, and provides incredible flexibility when it comes to a high volume of cloud production, of which the spray heads are specially designed for. The control of the airflow that can be achieved with the TFV12 is one of the best features of this Sub Ohm Tank. The duodecuple coil (V12-T12), vertically structured, can heat up to 350 watts, which is a significant quantity for best vape tanks. Doubtless, the tank surpasses the expectations of users and is therefore the perfect toy for cloud chasers.


  • HEAVY VAPE. TFV12 users get almost full control over the airflow, wattage and atomizing heads to produce the best vape possible.
  • FLAVOR RELEASE. In addition to the dense vapes, TFV12 is also a good device to release the Vape taste. As soon as the user applies a pleasant force, the flavor release can be adjusted. You can try many Vape flavor.
  • FLEXIBILITY. The best part a TFV12 has is the kind of flexibility you get to change your vaping experience. The kit offers many spare parts and interchangeable items such as O-rings and spray heads. The three atomizer heads that go into the kit allow different levels of air flow and make your Vaping experience fully customized.
  • DURABLE TANK. The stainless steel material with Pyrex glass quality used in the body of the tank is nearly unbreakable.
  • NO LEAKING. Many sub ohm tanks have faulty mechanisms because which causes leaks. We did not experienced this problem with the SMOK TFV12.

I experienced no problems with the use and performance of TFV12. I found that it worked flawlessly and efficiently during my two-week testing period. However, other users have reported a few problems. One is that it leaks when the tank is full and the other is burnt flavor when the electronic fluid is not properly filled and maintained. These problems seem to mainly be related to the maintenance of the e-liquid and the tank. Another issue that has beeen discussed is the power required for the TFV12 and the fact that it will drain battery life quicker than smaller tanks. Due to its large size and capacity it requires more power to work efficiently and therefore requires a suitable Mod for the job.


  • With the twelve-coil design, adjustable airflow, and a variety of atomizing heads, TFV12 is the best available sub-ohm tank in its class.
  • TFV12 is the perfect tank for massive clouds.
  • The long-lasting design of the tank defines the TFV line and SMOK brand in the sub-ohm tank category.
  • SMOK TFV12 is the end result of SmokTech’s endless efforts to provide customers with a powerful high-performance ohm tank, and it seems to work.



Pricing for the SMOK TFV12 ranges anywhere from $25.99 – $49.99 depending on where you shop. Most online retailers and local shops carry the tank, but we recommend our trusted Affiliate partner VaporDNA. Don’t forget to use their 10% off coupon code DNA10 at checkout. Additionally, you might also find good deals on the Smok TFV12 and other Smok Products in our Classified ad listings or Consignment Shop.

* This is a guest post by our friends over at Ecigopedia. If you enjoy the review, please consider checking out their Best Vape Tanks of 2017 article.


 If you have used the TFV12 yourself, please consider sharing your experience with the tank in the comment section below.

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