How to set Keyword Alert Notifications

Hello Vape Fam! Just a quick update on a new feature from The Vape Trader team. You can now set Keyword Notification alerts for new listings. This allows you to be notified, via email, when a new listing is posted for items they are interested in. This can be a useful little feature for those looking for harder to find Mods or other Vape equipment and want to be notified as soon as an ad is posted for items they are looking for.

To utilize simply enter an ‘Alert’ keyword into our Search box that you would like to be alerted for, then click on the ‘Get Alerts by Email Button’ to subscribe to notifications when a new add is posted containing that keyword. You can subscribe to as many keyword notifications as you want, and you can easily unsubscribe to them from the notification email. It might be wise to set alerts multiple keyword variations, I.E: ‘Scndrl Mod’, ‘Scoundrel Mod’, ‘League of Legends’

Vape Email Alerts


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