Franchise Opportunities

Are you interested in becoming part of one of the fastest growing and most exciting industries – potentially responsible for saving millions of lives Worldwide!? If so, then we may have an opportunity that could be of interest to you.

Starting in 2016 The Vape Trader started seeking exclusive regional Franchise partners in a few select Countries that we are looking to expand into. The Vape Trader offers a unique platform and a well established brand name – that requires no inventory or retail location, and very little startup capitol. Our platform is similar to popular websites like Craigslist and eBay – focusing entirely on the quickly growing Vaping niche. The Vaping industry has been experiencing tremendous growth Worldwide and many industry experts agree that Vaping sales will exceed traditional tobacco sales in most demographics within a decade. Please read below for details on our Franchise opportunity.

Exclusive Franchise regions currently available:

  • *United Kingdom ($10,000.00).
  • Italy
  • South Africa
  • Russia ($5,000.00)
  • Canada ($5,000.00)
  • Australia / New Zealand ($5,000.00)
  • Spain ($2,500.00)
  • France ($2,500.00)
  • Germany ($2,500)
  • Japan ($2,500.00)
  • Malaysia ($2,500.00)
  • Thailand ($2,500.00)
  • Any other Country not listed ($2,000.00)


What will be included in the Franchise?:

  • Our platform and technology licenses (the functionality and programming code of our website)
  • Access to the relative country level domain (i.e.:
  • A turnkey website and business model, completely functional, ready to go and start generating income
  • Hosting of the domain and web site
  • Exclusive Territory/Country rights (no competition)
  • Use of our trademarks and trade names, “The Vape Trader” and “TheVapeTrader”
  • Pre-loaded listings (if applicable, we will transfer any Country specific ads on our website to the relative regional website (initial and ongoing)
  • Marketing plan (documentation) and consultation
  • Technology training (documentation) and support
  • Legal/franchisee documentation
  • Access to any new blog content (articles and reviews), technology, and selling formats (auction format expected to be released in 2021).


What are the requirements of becoming a Franchise partner?:

  • You must reside in the Country you are seeking to become a Franchise partner in
  • You must have some experience with Vaping – either as a vendor/manufacturer or end user
  • You must have some basic web development or marketing experience
  • You must have an entrepreneurial spirit and desire to succeed
  • You must be able to communicate fluently in English


What are the costs of a Franchise?:

  • $5,000 initial setup/licensing fee (unless where different pricing is noted)
  • 15% ongoing revenue (royalty) fee, paid monthly.


If you are interested in a regional Franchise opportunity and would like more information about the opportunity, please contact us at [email protected] and we will get back to you ASAP to discuss further.

*Our UK/Ireland website ( has already been launched and is currently being operated by us until we find a franchise partner to take over.