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    Vaping Blog    July 10, 2020

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Best vape mods of 2020

The start of 2020 begins strongly in the world of vaping with the arrival of the Pod mod format.
When we want to change our old setup for a new one, we look for the best that can meet our
expectations and avoid being disappointed. That is why we offer you our top 5 of the best vape mods of 2020.



1. Vinci X from Voopoo

The Vinci X is a pod mod that has many advantages on its side to be in the first place. Variable
power of 80 watts maximum.

Its big strength lies in its Gene AI chipset, which offers a very interesting innovation, protection
against dry-hits. In fact, we cannot exceed the maximum recommended power that the
resistance can withstand.

In addition, as soon as you install the pod on the battery, the
resistance will be automatically detected, and the chipset will adjust the best power according
to the value of the resistance.
It is possible to adjust the airflow with 2 positions, either in direct or semi-restrictive

The capacity of the pod is 5.5ml, which is just huge and it’s really practical because it avoids
reloading it too often.
And the icing on the cake, the Vinci X does not have a built-in battery like the other pods. It
works with a removable battery, and that’s the top!
It is possible to buy an RBA resistor to redo its resistance itself.

2. Target PM80 from Vaporesso

Vaporesso also hit hard with the Target PM80 by offering a high-end mod pod. Its strength lies
in its Axon chipset; it is complete and offers a multitude of modes.
In addition, the Axon chip also provides an instantaneous shooting speed of 0.001s for an
ultra-fast response …

Variable power of 80 watts maximum.
The chipset offers a very interesting mode of operation. The Smart VW is a protection against
dry-hit. It will automatically detect the resistance value and automatically adjust the wattage.
Maximum variable power of 80 watts.

The pod capacity is 4ml, which is just huge.
The Target PM80 is equipped with an integrated battery with a capacity of 2000 mAh and with
a fast charge of 2A. This will make it easy to hold all day.

3. Aegis Boost from Geek Vape

Geek Vape has decided to expand its Aegis range with the Aegis Bosst pod mod with
indestructible virtues.
With its IP67 standard, it is water-resistant, dustproof and shockproof. You will have a mod
pod that can be transported anywhere without fear of breaking it, which is a significant

Variable power of 40 watts maximum.
Thanks to its wheel, it is easy to adjust the airflow to your liking, and it allows to have a draft
both MTL and air, which is rare for a pod.

Filling is a real pleasure, no need to remove the pod from the battery. Just pull the silicone tab
located above to access the filling hole.
For lovers of rebuildable, optional, it is possible to install a realRBA tray.

4. Navi from Vopoo

The Navi is the cousin of the Vinci X so we will find the same chipset and essentially the same

Variable power of 40 watts maximum.
The difference will be in the format. We find a square format and more compact. It has a triple
airflow, and the main airflow is adjustable by a tab for a tight or air draft.
The capacity of the pod is 3.8ml, which is really practical because it avoids reloading it too

Its autonomy is 1500mAh to easily hold an entire day at 25 watts. It is possible to buy an RBA
resistor to redo its resistance itself.
5. RPM40 from Smok
Smok is also on the pod mod market with its RPM40 model. This pod mod offers a powerful
and airy vape.

Their new chipset, the IQ-R, provides an ultra-fast trigger time of 0.001 seconds, allowing
instant triggering.
Variable power of 40 watts maximum. The airflow is not adjustable.
The capacity of the pod is 4.5ml, which is really huge and practical because it avoids reloading
it too often.

Its autonomy is 1500mAh to easily hold an entire day at 25 watts.
Now it’s up to you, but whatever happens you will make the right choice …

Happy vape!

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