Best Pod Vape Systems For Australians

there are a lot of pod vapes floating around on the market these days but Australians may not have access to all of them due to the regulatory climate in Australia. There is, however, one pod vape system that is intended specifically for Australian vapers and that system is the Viggo Series by Vaper Empire, one of the biggest names in the Australian vaping scene.






Meet The Viggo Series

Vaper Empire, a leading e-cigarette company in the Australian vape market, has produced its first-ever pod system. This new pod vape, the Viggo, is hardly comparable to the cheap pod vapes that some vapers, such as those in the United States, can pick up at just about any gas station or convenience store. No, this is quality. The device is well made, the pods are filled only with premium e-juice, and the variable voltage alone should be enough for most vapers to see that the Viggo is clearly a step above the competition.

The Viggo’s Features

While we just mentioned that the Viggo Series is equipped with the variable voltage technology that lets vapers set the device’s vaping voltage to one of three preprogrammed settings, that’s not where the features end.

Button-Free Vaping

Auto-draw technology senses usage so there’s no need for any button pressing when using the Viggo. This certainly isn’t new technology, but it sure is convenient.

Long-Lasting & Quick Charging

Rapid charging is another feature where the Viggo really shows its vaping prowess. Taking into account how long the Viggo’s battery lasts between charges, which is twice as long as Juul, the mere hour that it takes to fully recharge is fast. Looking at the Juul as a reference point, the Juul lasts half as long between charges but still takes an hour to recharge. In other words, the Viggo is running circles around its competitors.

Vape Pods That Don’t Leak

If there’s one thing every pod vaper should despise it’s a pod system that leaks. Vaper Empire is keen to what’s good and what’s bad when it comes to vaping with pods and clearly pods that leak are bad, which is why they came up with a leak-free design for their Viggo pod system. So if you’re tired of leaky pods and you live in Australia, you know which vape to get.

The Viggo Vape’s Design

Pod vapes might be a dime a dozen these days but quality craftsmanship and intelligent designs are something else entirely. With many of the pod systems being, to put it bluntly, cheap, the Viggo differentiates itself from the crowded scene by offering something that many do not: quality.

The Viggo Series battery is wrapped in a soft-to-the-touch metal and it’s shaped to fit your hand. It’s not a boxy device, it’s an ergonomic device. The pods slide in perfectly and stay where you want them, which is firmly connected to the battery. That is until you want to disconnect them, in which case they slide right out with little effort.

Delicious Vape Pods

Viggo Pods aren’t refillable, but they are prefilled with really good e-juice, the kind Vaper Empire’s customers have come to expect but with a twist: nicotine salts. They use a proprietary nicotine salt formula that offers improved nicotine absorption, better flavor, and a better throat hit. You can also buy them without nicotine, as they also come in nicotine-free flavors. Speaking of flavors, they have more than a few and that’s just one of the reasons why they’re great.

Tobacco Pods

Every pod system worth its salt should have at least one good tobacco flavor for ex-smokers to vape on. The Viggo has three: caramel tobacco, whole leaf tobacco, and regular tobacco.

Flat White Coffee

One of the latest flavors that Vaper Empire has released for the Viggo is flat white coffee, which tastes like it sounds. If you haven’t ever had a flat white coffee, then you might not know what to expect so we’ll tell you. Steamed milk and coffee. That’s all it is. Simple, yet incredibly tasty.

Menthol Pods

You can’t make a proper line of vape pod flavors without menthol. It might be a standard e-liquid flavor but there’s nothing standard about the ice-cold menthol vape juice that fills the Viggo’s menthol pods. They’re as cool and refreshing as they sound.

Blueberry Pods

If you’ve ever had a sour blueberry that wasn’t quite ripe enough to eat, then you know what a bad blueberry is. That’s not what Viggo blueberry vape pods are. They’re perfectly ripe and extra sweet. They’re so good you’ll think you’re vaping blueberry candy.

Apple Pods

One of the world’s favorite fruits, the apple, is also one of the best vape juice flavors ever made. Vaper Empire’s take on what apple e-juice should taste like is impressive, to say the least. One puff of their apple vape pods and you just might stop and think, “this is the best apple e-juice I’ve ever had.”

Orange Crush

Soda flavored e-liquids are getting more and more popular. Vaper Empire already had a cola e-liquid so why not an orange soda flavored e-liquid for their Viggo Series? It tastes exactly like you might expect: a fizzy, orange delight.

Creamy Custard

Need a good dessert flavored vape pod? Then you’ll want to try the creamy custard. Forget an after-dinner slice of cake, pop in a creamy custard vape pod and you’ll quickly find yourself in vaper heaven.

Buy Vaper Empire’s New Pod System

Australians can buy the Viggo Series online from the only place its sold: the Vaper Empire vape store. At Vaper Empire’s online vape shop, all of the company’s products can be purchased directly. This includes their new pod system, the Viggo Series, and its vape pods, as well as all of their other vaping products. E-cigarette kits, e-liquids, accessories – they have it all and they ship everything express so that their customers in Australia can get their hands on their vaping supplies as fast as possible.

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