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Vaper from the New Jersey Shore.
Smoked for 10-11 years
Vaping for 7
Vaping only for 5

I love trying out everything that comes out, I love knowing that I have the hardware that gives me the most satisfying vape, can’t stand it when something new comes out and I don’t have it to try yet! Could it be better, am I ruining my experience because I don’t have it?! Lol

Saved my life. Step up, don’t let the Govt. take away the only effective treatment for cigarette addiction!
They are all worried about teen vaping now.... not caring that if vaping never came along, they would be cigarette smokers. Also do not care that they are discussing taking away vaping from teens who are addicted: essentially force feeding them cigarettes.

We need to follow the UK model:
95% less harmful than cigarette
It is a health tool.

This would be like taking methadone away from heroin addicts that have things under control.... they will be forced to use heroin, if they don’t, all their friends and family that don’t already know will know that they are a drug addict as they will be in withdraw within 48 hours.. which will prevent them from being able to make it to work (unless they get some heroin)and will probably get fired (unless they get some heroin) starting active addiction all over again.

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