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Hello. I was very into vaping for several years but quit 2 years ago. I couldn’t bring myself to part with my devices at the time (partly in case I started vaping again and partly because I just loved them). They’ve been sitting collecting dust for 2 years so I’ve decided to give them up so they can be enjoyed by someone who either loves to vape or collect vintage and collectible vapes. Everything I’ve got is mech mods and RDAs. I was a big-time cloud chaser, very into heavy-hitting mechs and very into crazy coil builds. I’m selling the entire lot as-is, but it’s all working… a few of the mods are very collectible and 2 in particular are gorgeous especially with the RDA pairings I suggest (and comes with them).

As for what’s in the lot:

Lot includes loads of RDAs (about a dozen) about 1/2 30mm (26650) sized and 1/2 22mm (18650) including an original Doge, original CATE, a couple different flavors of Mutation X, a Tobh V3, a 24ct gold Castle, a Fog Monster, and a Vapewell. There are at least a dozen mouth pieces.
4 mech mods in the lot. A 18650 stainless mutation. An 18650 Ragnorok. A 26650 Masterpiece Custom Vapes (MCV) Kingpin. A 26650 SuperT Manufacturing Precise Simplicity.

The Ragnorok is a classic and you can’t get them anymore, and it’s without a douby the best-made and heaviest hitting 18650 mech I ever saw… it’s deceptively heavy – very thick high quality 100% copper.

The MCV Kingpin was my personal daily vape of choice. Extrordinary quality copper and brass with silver battery pin. Like the Ragnorok, you can’t get these anymore. It’s the heaviest-hitting and most gorgeous (in my opinion) 26650 I found. It’s got a matching Castor on it which was also a personal fave RDA (and a beautiful pairing) but it looks pretty bad-ass with the other 30mm RDAs.

Then there’s the Super-T. If you really know your vape history they need no introduction. SuperT Manufacturing was THE original high-quality American-made vape company. Their quality was so good, all their vapes came with a lifetime guarantee. They were known as THE highest quality vape in the world and were the first quality vape. I had a few back in the day that were lost over the years. When I heard they were going out of business in 2014, I reached out to the owner and was able to buy one of the very last 26650 Precise Simplicity’s before they closed their doors permanently. I also bought a gorgeous leak-proof 30mm Vapewell RDA to go on it. Although I was always a “copper guy” I do think the Vapewell and SuperT makes an insane beautiful combo. I put the Vapewell on my Kingpin and vaped on it for 10 minutes just to try out the RDA (it was awesome). The SuperT mod – I NEVER FIRED. It’s gorgeous and still in the box that they sent it to me in. Completely unused.

At the time all this stuff was new and I bought it, I spent a good $1,000+ on it all. As mentioned, most (if not all) of it is no longer available and much of it is very collectible.

I’ll throw in a ton of other stuff I have (not pictured) – most of the original RDA boxes, a bunch of wire and coil making tools, cotton, flavor bottles for making your own liquids, Ohm Meter, pre-made coils, battery chargers, etc. Whatever stuff I still have laying around, basically.

I just want to unload the whole lot, as-is, in one shot. Priced to sell at $400.

October 13, 2020 6:39 pm

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