Ad Pricing Update

A few days ago we updated Ad Pricing on The Vape Trader. After several months of trying a free ad posting model for all categories, we have decided that charging a small amount for our WTS (Want to Sell) categories will best serve our Vape Trading community moving forward. New ad pricing is set at 1% of ad listing price. Posting in our WTT (Want to Trade) and WTB (Want to Buy) categories is still free and will always remain so.

We also added a few additional premium Advertising options: Social Media Postings ($3.00), Newsletter Feature ($10.00), 1 week ‘Top of Homepage’ feature ($10.00), 2 week Top of Category Page ($5.00).

Aside from helping offset operating costs, the primary reason for the decision to charge a small amount for all WTS Ads is to keep sellers posting on the site serious about selling their items. With a free pricing model we did see an increased amount of ads posted, which was our intent. Unfortunately, we also noticed the quality of ads posted go down quite significantly and we had several complaints from users in this regards – overpriced used equipment and an increasing amount of sellers not responding to interested buyers. Additionally, by charging a small amount for WTS ads the possibility for any sort of fraud is significantly decreased.

Currently PayPal is the only payment method we accept, but we will be adding other options (like BitCoin and Google Wallet) in the near future. Please note, you do not need a PayPal account to make payments via Paypal. You can use your CC or debit card to make payments without an account.

Thank you for your ongoing support and please feel free to comment below or contact us if you have any questions or suggestions regarding our new pricing structure.


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