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The Vape Trader started as a simple idea: to develop an easy to use platform for Vapers to Buy, Sell and Trade new and used Vape equipment. Why? Because as avid Vape hobbyists, collectors, and traders we saw a need for this ourselves and were sure others would too. As it turns out, many in the Vape community agreed and our site quickly became the go to resource for the vaping community to Buy, Sell, and Trade Vape equipment.



Our mission is and has always been simple: to connect Vape buyers and sellers in a friendly, honest and healthy environment. Having personally experienced the tremendous positive benefits of ‘making the switch,’ we are strong believers in the revolutionary potential of the industry and are proud to be promoting a healthier smoking alternative and lifestyle.  We are very excited for the future of vaping and any small role we may play in it.



With the industries growth, as well as our own, we have worked hard to continue adding new features to make The Vape Trader website easier and safer to use for all. Today our platform is now available globally – connecting Vapers from around the World (wherever vaping use and import/export is legal). Aside from our flagship DIY Classified Advertising service, we also now offer 2 additional services: a direct buying program (quick cash!), and a 90 day consignment service. You can get started posting a classified ad here or by submitting our direct  sell/consign form to see if your vape item/s qualify for these programs and to receive an offer from us. Additionally, near the end of 2020 we plan on launching an auction format similar to eBay (which has been in development for several months), to compliment our Classified advertising format.


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To learn more about our platform and features please check out our General F.A.Q page, Sell/Pawn/Consign F.A.Q., Blog, User Testimonials page, Rules and Regulations page, or feel free to reach out to us at anytime with any questions or concerns. Additionally, please feel free to connect with us on your favorite Social channel to stay updated on our offerings: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube!

Thank you for visiting and welcome to our Vape buying/selling/trading community!