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We are consistently working to improve The Vape Trader, add new features, and better our Users Experience on our Platform. Here we will keep our users updated with any important changes that take place on the site. Please let us know if there is any specific improvement or change you would like to see on the site and stay tuned… we have some important announcements coming soon!

The Vape Trader expands to Europe!

    Site Updates    September 23, 2016

The Vape Trader is happy to announce the launch of an independent European Vape Trader platform (TheVapeTrader.eu).

“We are very excited to begin expanding The Vape Trader brand and services internationally. FIND OUT MORE…

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How to set Keyword Alert Notifications

    Site Updates    June 20, 2016

Hello Vape Fam! Just a quick update on a new feature from The Vape Trader team. You can now set Keyword Notification alerts for new listings. This allows you to be notified, via email, when a new listing is posted for items they are interested in. FIND OUT MORE…

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Ad Pricing Update

    Site Updates    March 16, 2016

A few days ago we updated Ad Pricing on The Vape Trader. After several months of trying a free ad posting model for all categories, we have decided that charging a small amount for our WTS (Want to Sell) categories will best serve our Vape Trading community moving forward. New ad pricing is set at 1% of ad listing price. Posting in our WTT (Want to Trade) and WTB (Want to Buy) categories is still free and will always remain so. FIND OUT MORE…

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Important Recent Site Updates

    Site Updates    March 3, 2016

TheVapeTrader site updates

In late 2015 TheVapeTrader.com changed ownership and our new team has been very busy adding new features to the site. Below is a complete list of most all changes and features we have added in the last few months.


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The Vape Trader is now international!

    Site Updates    December 5, 2015

TheVapeTrader is InternationalThe Vape Trader is now available for use internationally (in all Countries where Vaping use and/or import/export is legal)! Previously, ad postings on The Vape Trader were only allowed in the United States and Canada, but we are now accepting ad postings from all Countries listed below. FIND OUT MORE…

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Our seller Rating and Review System is now live!

    Site Updates    November 3, 2015

seller_reviewsWe are happy to announce that our new Seller/Trader Rating and Review system is now live. Each users average rating and number of reviews will be displayed on the ‘Poster’ tab from their ads, with full reviews (with feedback) published on their profile page. Please make sure to rate and review anyone you have purchased from or traded Vape equipment with on our site. FIND OUT MORE…

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Tips for Sellers: How to effectively sell your Vape equipment

    Site Updates    October 14, 2015

how to sell your vape mod tips imageOver the last couple years our platform has emerged as one of the most popular and effective solutions for Vape Users and Vape Vendors to list and sell their new and used Vape equipment online. In this time, we have successfully connected thousands of Vape sellers with buyers and in doing so have learned a thing or two about how to effectively advertise and sell your items on our platform. FIND OUT MORE…

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Protect yourself from fraud

    Site Updates    October 10, 2015

fraud Recently we have seen an increased amount of fraud on the site. Regardless of our continued efforts, we have gone from a few reports of fraudulent activity the site a year, to several within the last month alone. These are mainly all trade deals gone bad. REMEMBER, YOU SHOULD ONLY TRADE LOCALLY. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND MAILING TRADES! If you choose to do so, do so at your risk! Also NEVER SEND MONEY VIA THE PAYPAL ‘FRIENDS AND FAMILY’ OPTION. If you do so you lose any payment protection. If a seller asks you to do this they are most likely a scammer!

This is the case not just here on TheVapeTrader, but on any classified advertising site or marketplace. As such, we wanted to provide 5 easy (and common sense) tips to help protect yourself from becoming a victim, here and elsewhere on the web:


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The World Welcomes TheVapeTrader.com

    Site Updates    September 24, 2013

TheVapeTrader-logoTheVapeTrader.com is all about helping people sell their new or used vaping or eCig items that they no longer want. Some people don’t have the extra cash to purchase the latest and greatest vape product so we provide a gateway to those looking to buy or possibly trade what they own to achieve what they desire. Our goal is to bring buyers, sellers, and traders in the vape community together.

With our simple and easy to use website you can post as many listings as you want or just browse other users listings to find that coveted item that you have been looking for to make an offer on. FIND OUT MORE…

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