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About Symattix

  • Member Since: October 24, 2016
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Total noob at the vape scene. Started acquiring cool stuff-
Girlfriend didn't like the hobby....
So... I don't like the hobby... lol..

All of this equipment is a month old or less. The Large Smok tank can be custom cotton wicked- or used with pre-made elements..
It's only 2 weeks old. The wismec releaux 200s is less than 3 weeks old. This is all great equip.

For me:

Full time student. Southern farm-boy turned academic. I personally despise scammers and wheeler-deelers; simply for the fact that they're cowards. (In my book)

If you aren't straight up, chest out, and eyes forward in business dealings- then please- do yourself a favor-- and keep scrolling.

Despite my 2005 combat amputation lying in the blood-caked dirt of Iraq-- Life is good today.. and I'd like to keep it that way..

All that said - I do love to laugh, relax, hug on my woman, help others.. etc.. I just hold honesty and ingerity very high.. some
Call me an a**hole for it.. well, that just tells me who to avoid then-- don't it? haha

much love and good days ahead for you..


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WTS – Vape lot (Releaux 200s w/ batte...

Want to sell Wismec Releaux 200s (batteries included), iBox70  (battery included), smok TFV4 tank, aspire clieto “large” chuff tank, mini smok TFV4 tank, ATTY cube […]

October 27, 2016

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